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Child Welfare
Adoption Training  

Adoption training is designed to provide specific information to certified foster and kinship families who are planning to adopt about the legal process and requirements for adoption, services available and core adoption issues that children and families may experience such as grief, loss, self-identity. The goal of this training is to help families gain understanding about the emotional, behavioral and other special needs children may have as a result of abuse or neglect, the impact this may have on the adoptive family and potential strategies that can be utilized to address issues that may arise. The MCDHS is committed to helping families experience and maintain successful adoptions.

Important Numbers - Child Welfare

Mesa County Child Protection Hotline
(970) 242-1211 
State of Colorado Child Protection Hotline
1 844-CO-4-KIDS

Child Welfare 

Department of Human Services
Main Line (970) 241-8480 
Parent Help Line
(800) 244-5373 
Assistance Programs
(970) 248-2849 
Welfare Fraud Hotline
(970) 256-2421 
Child Support
(970) 248-2780  
Western Colorado 211
2-1-1 or (970) 244-8400
Foster Parent Info Line
(970) 248-2794  
Workforce Center
(970) 248-0871

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