Benefit Recovery

The Benefit Recovery staff members ensure benefits issued to those who are not eligible, either inadvertently or with intent, are repaid to the Department of Human Services in an accurate and efficient manner.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Tax intercepts - The Benefit Recovery team also provides client assistance regarding Tax interception referral notices.  Please contact a Benefit Recovery Analyst with any questions regarding possible tax interception.

  • Repayment Agreements/Repayment Options - The Benefit Recovery team provides client assistance regarding repayment of overpayments, also called claims.  Please contact a Benefit Recovery Analyst for assistance regarding payment arrangements for repaying a claim

Contact Us

Please provide as much information as possible when contacting the Benefit Recovery team.  Include your name, current address and telephone number, case number, and social security number.  This will help provide a quick and informed response.

  • (970) 248-2823 

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Important Numbers - Assistance Programs

Department of Human Services
Main Line (970) 241-8480
Parent Help Line
(800) 244-5373 
Adult Protective Services
(970) 248-2888 
Welfare Fraud Hotline
(970) 256-2421
Area Agency on Aging
(970) 248-2717 
Western Colorado 211
2-1-1 or (970) 244-8400 
Assistance Programs - Fax Number
(970) 248-2849
Workforce Center
(970) 248-0871 
Child Support
(970) 248-2780
Veterans Office
(970) 248-2733