Youths in Conflict

Youth in Conflict refers to those adolescents who are exhibiting behaviors that are a danger to themselves or others. Youth-in-Conflict case managers may focus on

  • alleviating conflicts,

  • protecting the youth and community,

  • re-establishing family stability, or assisting the youth to emancipate successfully.
  • criminal involvement,

  • mental health issues,

  • educational status,

  • drug/alcohol use,

  • runaway behaviors, and

  • assaultive behaviors of the youth.

Occasionally it becomes necessary for the youth to live in a foster care setting while issues are being identified and services put into place.

  • Placement of the youth can be made by having the parent or guardian sign a Voluntary Placement Contract for up to 90 days. This allows the youth to live in a foster care setting.

  • The parent/guardian may keep legal custody of the youth. The contract can be terminated by either the parent/guardian or the Department of Human Services (DHS) at any time during the 90 days (A two-week notice is built into the contract).

  • If the youth still requires placement out of the home beyond 90 days then a "Senate Bill 26 Petition" must be filed with the court before the end of 90 days.

    • The Senate Bill 26 Petition or Petition for Review of Need of Placement is required by the state and enables the court to determine if the youth is receiving appropriate placement and services.

    • A court hearing will be held for this purpose. Parents/guardians and Human Services' staff should appear at the hearing.

    • The court will require that a review be done every six months while the youth remains involved with Human Services. These reviews may be done in writing or by a hearing.

    • It is also possible that a Dependency and Neglect petition is filed when the voluntary replacement expires. Refer to the Dependency and Neglect process.

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